“This lady is more than awesome!! Words can not describe the kind of person she is. She is the type of person you want in your life when you are down and out, she motivate you and uplift you in every kind of way. No one has ever quite touched my life quite like she has and trust me I have had many with her status in my life but none made a difference the way Mrs Myra has she will bring  a new way of thinking to you if you let her!! Love you and owe you my life Mrs. Myra M.”

– T.C., Jacksonville, FL

“Mrs. Myra M. is, (and this is the honest to Gods truth) the most sweetest, caring, loving, considerate, sincere lady, and I can keep going for miles! Awhile back God put her in my path at a time in my life when I really needed her, when I first met her I instantly knew I could trust her, tell her anything, and not be judged, instead she helped me in so many ways, I felt more comfortable talking to her than I did people in my own family!! When I talked to her I could look her in the eyes and feel the concern, the caring, the compassion basically all of the above!!! Even at the worst of times when I was around her I always left her presence with a smile on my face, and knowing that if nobody else in this world has my back, I knew she did and still to this day I have the utmost respect and love for Myra and would do anything in the world for her!! Everything I just said or typed is from the most bottom-est place place of my heart!! There’s not a lot of people out there who has a ❤️ like hers, so please if ANYONE ever needs the best ❤️ in the world to talk to, and help you thru a tough time get in touch with her, I promise you there is no one out there who can compare to what she has to offer!!!”

– Peyton A.

“Mrs. Myra, is an angel on Earth. She is empathetic and caring and wants people to succeed. I believe her mission in life is to help anyone who is hurting or broken. She fixed me and also inspired me to go back to school to study psychology. My goal in life is to now be Mrs. Myra. I love this woman. We need more people like her in this world.”

– Katie D.